Why Buy Gems at Retail Price?

Why Buy Gems at Retail Price?

What does Retail Buying do for you?

Meanwhile the retail online seller like us, provides or should provide, an entirely different buying experience.

1. A retail seller does not get to assume that a buyer has the same level of expertise, making it obligatory to educate the buyer and give full disclose of what's important to the buyer (i.e. the risks of a cleaning product to kids or pets).

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New Price List Available for Rings

Here is another price list for you.  This one is for all my rings.  Or most of them anyway... not all of these rings are my own designs, so when they are not, they are not included here.   Remember, these prices do not include gemstones because the prices vary too much.  
Here are some additional notes, pretty much the same notes as last time.


1. I can cast in 10 K gold also but you do not save that...
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New Price List Available for Pendants

I have been working on more price lists – I have them together for myself but I am constantly adding molds and new designs, so it is difficult to stay on top of it.  Here for now are prices for custom orders for some of my Petal, Hexagon and Gotham collections.  Remember, these prices do not include gemstones or chains. 
Here are some additional notes.
1. I can cast in 10 K gold also but you do not...
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How to Price Custom Earring Projects: Collections & Price Lists

I have been working on this all month and I am still not done, but given the insane number of custom orders I get, it is high time that I release some price lists.  As many of you know, quotes can take time.  Here are some reasons.
1. Metal weights differ. E.g. 14 K gold is 1.3 times as heavy as silver. So even if I have a casting of an item, if it is not the metal the customer wants I have to look...
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Some Thoughts on the Challenge of Making Custom Quotes

Now that I have so many gemstones for sale, I get considerably more requests for custom quotes than I did in the past.  And I face new challenges.  I have been thinking that if I share some of these, perhaps I can get some suggestions from you as I develop price lists and a custom form for my new webpage.
               Making a quote minimally involves calculations on the following three factors:
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The Intricacies of Gemstone Pricing

Gemstone pricing can seem to be all over the place. Quotes on the same stone fluctuate depending on the seller, the buyer, and even the context: Internet sales vs gem shows, U.S. vs overseas. But despite appearances, there is logic to gemstone pricing, and making the right quote - the quote that yields a transaction – can be considered an art.


To start with, there are a number of different pricing...
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How to Sort Through Diamond Prices

Diamond pricing is tricky business.  You may have noticed this when you browse different listings and you see two stones that look just about the same, yet their pricing is totally different.  So how can you know what is a good price?
Diamond prices already start out artificially inflated. Diamond is one of the most abundant gemstone in the world. But diamond suppliers keep prices high by...
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How much would it cost in Gold?

This is a common question, but it has a disappointing answer: too much, for the most part.  14K gold is the most common metal used where I shop, and there are endless choices of rings, settings, even a lot of pendants, available.  But at $60-70 per gram wholesale, your average ring costs between $150 and $200, a setting anywhere between $20 and $100 (for an 8x6 heavy cast bezel for instance).

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