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If you'd like to make your own custom piece of jewelry, please take a look at our catalog for the perfect design for you.

We can create personalized jewelry to your specifications, using our sustainable sourced colored gemstones and recycled metals. 

Or design your own jewelry using our unique 3D software.

Info about Custom Orders and Pricing

Since almost half of my business consists of custom orders, here is some info I have assembled from several of my blog entries to help guide you through the process.

Below you will find my price list for rings, pendants and earrings currently available (I am always updating this list so ask me if something's missing).

Please read these notes before you consult the list:

  1. NONE OF THE PRICES INCLUDE GEMS AND ALL THE GEMS USED MUST BE PROPRIETARY.  I DON'T WORK WITH GEMS THAT I HAVE NOT SOURCED. This is due to liability issues as gems have to travel and stay with setters, jewelers etc and they can break.  If you like, I can make a piece for you and you can have it set elsewhere. 
  1. I can cast in other metals (e.g 10 - 22K gold).  Please ask for quotes for now, until I have time to add all these prices to the lists. Labor costs are the same regardless of metal used, meaning it doesn't make much sense to order a piece in silver that has a lot of setting labor involved.  Also, metal weights differ, so the same piece in silver weighs less than the same piece in 14, 18 or 22 K gold.
  1. Leverbacks, posts, backs and bails, are not something I cast. I buy those.  The options here are limited to sterling silver, 14 K Yellow and White Gold, some 18 K.  Pink gold is very limited (I can get posts, backs, leverbacks, French wire).
  1. If you’d like to make a pendant into an earring, multiply by two and add a little for ear wire.  Ear wire is more than a bail unless we use something simple.  So if you add lever backs but subtract the bail, you may add about $100 or so.  Less if it is a larger bail of course. 
  1. Earring and pendant components can be combined to make bigger pieces.
  1. Diamond sizes, number, and quality really matter to pricing.  If I use 15 1.2mm diamonds, GH/VS, that is a totally different price from using 20 1.3mm EF/VS.  You'd help me out the most if you have an idea of what you would like and what size.  The calculations take time, and I often don't have it. I work with wholesale prices so I don't have as much money left over to pay for someone to assist me with customer support.
  1. Prices for CAD work differ based on how long the model takes to make but the average fee is $200.  Gold weights differ and I will have to give you estimated prices only.  Also, the number of 1.2 mm diamonds needed to surround a 9x7mm center is different from the number of .8mm diamonds needed to surround a 6mm round.  
  1. Unless you request otherwise, I own the rights to all CAD files and will use them in my shop if the design complements my collection (i.e. if I make a hexagon setting for a different stone size).

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