Gem Show Shopping

Tucson Treasures

Wow. That's the only word I have for my recent Tucson trip. Tremendous fun, intriguing, and totally overwhelming. Several of you had said to me beforehand that you live through me vicariously, I just didn't know it was THIS many of you. The number of convos and facebook comments I got was incredible. I apologize if I didn't manage to fill all the requests and ship out on time, next year I will... Continue reading

Gem Shows: Past, Present and Future

Traveling to gem shows to shop was a new thing for me this year. I did go to the Springfield Gem and Mineral Show last fall but I exhibited with my jewelry and gems. Or rather, I pretended to exhibit because I shared the booth with Jochen Hintze from Jentsch Mineralien, and since nobody was interested in my jewelry (wrong audience), I shopped while Jochen watched my inventory. Other than that, I...
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