Holiday Shopping: Ready, Set, Go!

Holiday Shopping: Ready, Set, Go!

I’m actually writing this blog on Halloween. This weekend, purple and orange décor will come down and green and red will go up, plus blue for Hanukkah because this is the greater New York Area. Always very colorful around here. New York is beautifully decorated around the holidays, and the area around Rockefeller Center, where the diamond district is located, is my favorite. And speaking of colors, Cecile Raley Designs is getting ready to add color to your life for the season. We are making more stacking rings and earrings, and a couple of pendants as well. We realize that money is tight for most of us this year, so we are keeping to smaller things that make gift giving easier. Huggies and chains, as well as some earring jackets, are other less expensive options for gifts from our shop.

Holiday Gift Ideas - Huggies, chains, earring jackets

Custom orders should be placed asap as it will be November when you see this blog. Any castings we order need to be ready before Thanksgiving or they will not get set in time for Christmas. In December, setters get very busy with a lot of last-minute jobs and usually cannot take on anything except perhaps a simple pair of studs.

Calendars are being put together as we speak. As always, all of our clients are getting a free desk calendar for orders placed once the calendars are received and as long as supplies last. We are also happy to ship calendars and our small cleaning kits to anyone who asks. Prices have gone up a lot everywhere. For us too. So we want to do our small bit to make your Christmas easier on the wallet.

Sales will start soon, and they will follow the same formula as the previous years. We start the weekend before Thanksgiving (so Sunday 19th November) and end on 3rd December with 20% off the entire shop. We will do another sale after Christmas to clear out inventory.

Our standard free shipping will upgrade to Priority on 12/15. Until then you can take advantage of either the free slower shipping for the smaller orders (larger orders automatically get shipped Priority Mail for safety). Or you can purchase upgraded shipping.

Gift cards are available in our gift card section. These are good for our shop only, but you can also buy a standard gift card on Etsy for use in our shop or others. We will create a section for smaller gifts as we always do as well.

If you’ve read our previous blogs, you know that we always do a blog on other shops with gifts we find of interest. If you have any suggestions about shops we should feature, please email us here.

I will also prepare another blog for you with some of our rarer inventory that you are not likely to find elsewhere, as well as list some of these gems, such as more kornerupine and benitoite!

Rare gemstones - kornerupine, benitoite

Click here to see the kornerupine cushion in the shop and here for the earrings. 
Click here to see the benitoite suite and here to view the emerald cut. 

Are there any other gems you’d like to see for the holidays? Again, feel free to email us and we will see what we have.

Happy Shopping!