Sparkle the Holiday with a Gift

Sparkle the Holiday with a Gift

Yes, it is that time again.  Are you ready for the holidays?  Our Thanksgiving sale starts this weekend with 10% off the entire shop.  From Tuesday the 20th to Friday the 23rd, we have a special treat with 25% off all of our wedding jewelry! Our specials section will be resurrected for Cyber Monday with extra surprises. 

Calendars: our 2018 calendars are ready and already shipping. They will come to you upon request, or with any purchase over $200.  All of our VIP’s will receive one, as well as a little thank you gift from us for being such loyal supporters. The theme this year: travel.

Free jewelry cloths and other tidbits are still being sent out with each new purchase; we are also now including informational brochures on gems and gemstone enhancements from the American Gem Trade Association.



Gift Certificates: these can be purchased again in my Etsy shop this year.


And here are some gift ideas from our shop under $200:

Gold chains:  We stock those for the holidays and offer them in 16, 18 and 20 inches whenever possible.  Our green gold chains go with yellow gold, and I especially recommend any of our two-toned chains. 

 Beaded necklaces: They have been selling very fast lately but we have been restocking.  Prices are $90-$195. 

Mandarin Garnet, Sapphire, Imperial Topaz, Carnelian and Grossular Garnet Beaded Necklace

Beaded Sapphire, Carnelian, Kyanite, Chrome Diopside, Spessartite with Sterling Silver and Free Earrings

Beaded Tourmaline 20 Inch Beaded October Birthstone Necklace


Earring jackets: Our flower petal jackets are only $45 and now come in a larger size for $50.



Stud earrings: Our star studs make a cute holiday gift.



Gems: Give the special gift of a gem (maybe a birthstone) that the recipient can set to suit their own style.


Check out our Gemstone sections below in our Etsy shop 

Gemstones Single

Gemstone Pairs

Gemstone Melee- 3mm and under


Shipping: We’ve actually upgraded our shipping policy, we are now shipping all finished jewelry and custom orders for free domestically, and starting on the 15th of December until Christmas, all packages will go out priority.  The last day to safely order for priority shipping is Wednesday, December 19th.  But we are happy to do overnight shipping until Friday the 21 st upon request.  If you are ordering an item that needs sizing or any other modification, we can ship it first and you can have sizing or modifications done after the holidays.  Other than that, anything in the shop is ready to ship on the same or next day.


Returns: just a reminder that our return period is two weeks.  Thankfully, we have very few returns, but we do understand that the holidays can be an exception.  So if you are not sure about a gift, make sure you let the recipient know that a return or exchange is not a problem.