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Design your Ring with us: which settings for my gem?

Posted by Yvonne Raley on

Ok this may not be the most exciting blog entry ever, but I hope it is a very useful one. It answers a question that I get several times a week.  What can this gem fit into? I have been giving suggestions in the listings, but they are not comprehensive. This table is, and helps a great deal as our catalogue, right now, doesn't have a search function (yes we need to fix that but we are a small shop and we are not web design pros...).  

In a future version of this table, there will also be photos, for now you can use it as a reference list together with our catalog.  We will post this table under resources as well, and we will stick it into the custom design page.  A similar table for necklaces is in the works.

Happy designing!

Scooped Edwardian Ring

Rosette Ring

Sunflower Ring

Bipass Ring

Amelie Ring

Small Lily Ring

Scalloped Ring

Oval Rosette Ring

Elizabeth Ring

Baguette Ring

Tourbillon Ring

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