Custom Rosalind Pendant with Sidestones - 3.5mm Rounds

$ 840.00
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Welcome to Cecile Raley Designs!

Our Rosalind pendant is reminiscent of a summer flower with petals that come to a point. Hand applied millgrain gives it a delicate, unique finish.  The center stone is 3.5mm, the inner halo of 8 x 1.3mm gems surrounds the center gem and each petal takes a 2mm gem. 

Dimensions: 13.80 x 13.80mm
Center Stone: 3.5mm round
Sidestones: Inner halo: 8 x 1.3mm rounds
                   Outer halo: 8 x 2mm rounds
Mold Number: 572

Once you have decided which metal you would like, please contact us to discuss the options available for the center stone and sidestones. We have a vast inventory of colored gems and we can also source diamonds for you. 

The prices of our designs do not include gems but they do include setting, polishing and any jewelry work required, so you can simply add the price of the gem(s) to the cost of the piece for the final amount. 

Please note that custom orders are not refundable. The client will be part of the entire process to ensure 100% satisfaction. Once the purchase of the mounting is made, the order is considered started.

We are a member of the American Gem Trade Association. All treatments and origins of gems are fully disclosed and all our metals are ethically sourced. Handmade in the USA.