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At Cecile Raley Designs, we love producing custom jewelry for our clients. A large proportion of our business consists of custom orders. So we are both specialized and experienced in this line of work. You can use one of our existing designs from our catalog here and choose from the wide range of gems in our shop to create your own unique piece. Or, design something completely new, just get in touch with us!

Casts, gems and finished jewelry  Casts  Casts, gems and finished jewelry  Casts, gems and finished jewelry  Casts, gems and finished jewelry

How to get your unique piece of jewelry

OPTION 1 – Selecting an item from the catalog

  • Choose a design that you like from the catalog, a gem of the matching size and complete the order form

You just need to fill in what metal you would like and the design number (plus ring size if appropriate) and we can do the rest!

OPTION 2 – A custom order from scratch

- Use the order form to give us an idea of what you would like (ring, pendant, earrings etc) and any other information you have, such as the metal, gem type, style or any inspiration photos and then we will contact you to discuss further. Please bear in mind that we will produce a CAD 3-D drawing of your design and this costs approximately $300.

 Here are some other hints and tips to help you through the process:

  • We can cast in most metals (e.g. 10-22K gold).  Labor costs are the same regardless of metal used, meaning it doesn't make much sense to order a piece in silver that has a lot of setting labor involved.
  • Leverbacks, posts, backs and bails are not something we cast so not every style is available in every metal.
  • If you’d like to make a pendant into an earring, multiply by two and add $100 for 14K.  Ear wire costs more than a bail.
  • Earring and pendant components can be combined to make larger pieces. 
  • Please be aware that diamond sizes, number, and quality can drastically alter pricing. 
  • Unless you request otherwise, Cecile Raley Designs owns the rights to all CAD files and we reserve the right to use them in our shop if the design complements our collection.

Please note that we ONLY work with gems purchased from our shop. This is due to liability issues, as gems have to travel and stay with setters, jewelers and other craftspeople and they can break. Custom orders are non-refundable and require a 50% deposit. 

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