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Your Online Store for Custom Jewelry

Whether you buy our finished fine jewelry or choose to design your own, Cecile Raley Designs' products are all made by local artists, using recycled metals and top quality natural gemstones.  

We promote local artisanship and fair wages. We strive to understand how our gems and materials are sourced, and we provide full disclosure about our production to our customers.
Based just outside New York City, Cecile Raley Designs specializes in antique styles ranging from the Victorian to Art Deco periods, adding lots of color with rare and unusual colored gems.  We offer both ready to wear and fully customized jewelry.  
You can design it yourself using our design your own software or our catalog, or you can commission a CAD design with us.
For our complete gem and jewelry collection, please visit our Etsy Store.
Want to learn more about gems and how we work? Our blog offers additional information about our gem sourcing trips, our process and design tips.