New Ideas for a New Year

After a first full year on Etsy, I have lots of new ideas, and I want to drop those ideas that didn’t work.  Here’s a first stab at my plans – any suggestions and ideas are most welcome!
1. More gemstones and gemstone designs, fewer wire wraps.  Sad but true, wire wraps and beaded designs don’t sell very well on Etsy.  So I’ve deleted my wire wrap earring section and replaced it with a hoop and dangly earring section that will focus on set stones, not beads.  I’m actually very exited about this, because it lets me use my gemstones in a whole new way.  I will work with both 14K and sterling hoops, and I will provide several design options for most listings.
Blue Topaz Hoop Earrings
2. Free earrings with wire wraps.  I’m not a matchy matchy person, but insofar as my wire wrapped earrings have sold at all, they have sold as complements to the necklaces.  So I’m giving them away.  Consider it a “wire wrap stimulus package”.
3. More squares.  My single best selling gemstone cut last year has been the princess cut, with baguettes running a close second.  So I’m going to try my best to find more of those.  I have some amethyst ready to go, and green tourmalines in the works for earrings.  Garnet, peridot, and citrine are fairly easy to get in princess cuts,  and I think I can also find another princess cut emerald.  And baguettes for rings.  Soon to be listed are a pink tourmaline, an aquamarine and a blue zircon ring using baguettes and emerald cuts. 
4. More rings.  Rings are my best selling item on Etsy, right up there with post earrings and of course, the never ending tie bars.  So more rings it is, low end to high end price range.  I’ll go for some larger stones as well, as many of you like those.  But note that this will either mean higher prices or less interesting gems.  Emeralds, rubies and sapphires, untreated and natural, are pretty affordable in the larger sizes.  I am also working on some more melted rings – I love them, and I’ve gotten a few sales (as well as many complements) out of them during the holiday season.
Blue Zircon Baguette Ring
5. More 14K gold.  Prices for gold are through the roof, so this is going to make some items more expensive.  But my main idea is to use some 14K gold beads as accents, and 14K gold bezels or settings for the rings.  That will keep the cost manageable.  But note that a 14K setting can cost me anywhere between $15 and $50.  Prong settings cost less than baguettes, and full bezels are the most expensive.  The 14K gold beads are not so bad in price, but they take time to add.
6. Clearance items.  What doesn’t sell must go at a lower price.  I’ve lowered the price on some of the items that have been on Etsy the longest.  It you want something out of that section but still think they’re too expensive for you, make me an offer.  I’d rather see the items worn than wasted.