My Collections: What Stays, What Goes, What’s New

As I continue to build my own website, my brand, and of course, develop my personal style, I am working towards collections based on themes.  Now that the holidays are coming up, let me take you through the collections I have right now and also tell you about the projects that are under way.  Suggestions are welcome!


Hexagon Collection: As you can see from my listings, this collection is well under way.  I like this line because it is protective of the stone without being the need to hammer set the gem.  The setting is beaded, which is less forceful on the stone so I don’t have to worry about it getting cracked.  The hexagon and octagon styles also combine really well to make interesting shapes.



Four Stone Rose Gold Hexagon Bezel Pendant with Tourmaline and Apatite

Tourmaline Pendant in Hexagon Bezel with Kite Accent 14 K Rose gold
Scroll Collection: This is probably my oldest line, and it includes the scroll eternity ring and the scroll earring settings.  I also have a 9x6 scroll setting that is good for larger pendants.  I don’t know that I want to do more with this line though.  Prong settings do not seem to be as much in style for rings and pendants, and in general, other than the earrings, I don’t sell scroll settings very much.  I am keeping it though because the earrings are really popular.



4mm Thai Sapphire Studs Set in Rose Gold Scroll Setting

Eternity Band in 14K Rose Gold with Natural Blue Zircon
Contour Collection: This collection is also a carryover.  It includes all the channel wrapped items, which provide a simple and elegant frame for earrings and pendants.  This collection doesn't include rings, for the obvious reasons.  

Pear Shaped Kyanite Pendant Wrapped in 14K Rose Gold with Diamond Accent

Oval Apatite Pendant in 14 K Rose Gold Channel Setting

Mismatched Rhodolite Garnet Dangly Earrings in 14K Rose Gold
Gotham Collection: I am in love with this one.  To me it looks Art Deco but the color and engravings give it very different feel.  This collection includes my Gotham ring and pendants, and I am about to release a larger Gotham ring that takes an 8x6 emerald cut.  I will again carry both an engraved version and one that takes outer stones.  Under this line, I am also adding the pillow ring and pendant because of their edgy shapes.  But neither has sold that much – the pillow ring has actually only sold once (recently).  So I am not sure I should do more with those.


Cushion Cut Gotham Ring in 14 Rose Gold with Mandarin Garnet

Art Deco Style Ring with Mint Garnet and Mahenge Spinel in White Gold

Argentium Silver Cocktail Ring with Rhodolite Garnet and Peacock Spinel
Petal Collection: My other favorite collection, the petal line includes the sunflower rings and pendants, the new earring jackets, the petal earring and the four and five petal pendants.  The Gatsby pendant and ring go here also because they have petals also.  Most of the petal designs will come in an engraved and a regular version (I love the engravings and they allow me to do a halo style without adding stones).  And I am going to add an oval flower ring soon, as well as a sunflower ring for a 7mm center.



Sapphire Earring Jackets

Apatite & Tanzanite in 14K rose gold

Petal Earring with Mint Garnet & Sapphires

Victorian Inspired Two Flower Open Ring in Rose Gold with Merelani Mint Garnet, Chrysoberyl and Mahenge Spinel
I am phasing out most of the simple bezel set styles, but I will periodically offer them as earrings (and I am keeping the five stone ring).  Many bezel rings were created from purchased settings and those designs are fairly common place.  In my shop they don’t get bought very much – again with exception of my multi stone rings.  I already phased out the melted rings.  The twig collection stays because it sells locally.  And I have some odds and ends (halo rings for instance) that are free floating right now.  They sell sometimes, not often, but they are good additions to my stuff.  So for now they will stay in.


I continue to work on more art deco styles – this has come to be my favorite period, I love the edgy components and it reminds me so much of my home of choice: New York City.  I am working on a larger pendant right now, even though larger pieces are heavy in gold and therefore cost prohibitive.  I have another flower ring style coming out soon, and I did a split shank ring for myself (and one customer) that I may adapt into my collection.  It will be for a pear shape.  I’d also like to make some settings for larger stones as I am starting to sell more of those. 



My main inspirations, in case you are wondering, are old jewelry books, antique shows, and eBay.  Though periodically something comes to me out of nowhere; my Gatsby pendant was one such case.  The sunflower ring, too.  All inspiration, I feel, is in the end a mix of things you have seen before, and to get ideas the main thing to do is look around.  I take photos of stuff I see that I like and then it changes in my head into something that fits my personal taste, so that by the end it is no longer recognizable as that original thing (just consider the original  Victorian petal earrings that I had featured in some of my listings – my entire collection came out of that one piece).  It also takes experience of course, you need to know what works and what doesn’t.  My CAD designer, Brandy, has been a great help with that.   



Gotham Pendant in 14 k Rose Gold, Hand Engraved with Emerald Cut Sapphire

Trillion Flower Gatsby Pendant in 14 K Rose Gold with Morganite and Diamond

Engraved Trillion Gatsby Ring with Iolite, Platinum Silver

Gotham Earrings in 14 K Rose Gold, Hand Engraved with Emerald Cut Sapphire