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Tanzanian Rhodolite Garnet Pendant Wrapped in 14K Rose Gold with Diamond and Mint Garnet

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This half moon shaped garnet is from Tanzania - it's a reddish rhodolite, no treatment, beautiful stuff. The garnet is 8x6mm, and the accent gems are a 3mm light colored Merelani mint garnet and a 2mm natural peach-pink diamond (those cost more than regular diamonds). The tassle is about 1 inch long. The necklace itself is 17 inches.

The pendant is wrapped in 14K pink gold channel wire and soldered with a laser machine. It's expensive work (I don't own a laser so I have to get it done), but the outcome is way better than with the channel wire on many of the wrapped gems you can buy right now. In those, the wire is squeezed shut on one end, which often chips the stone and makes it liable to fall out.

Garnet is the birthstone of January.

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