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Sri Lankan Star Sapphire - Pink, 3.59 Carats

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This is a 100% natural, totally untreated, pink/lavender colored star sapphire. Most star sapphires these days are diffusion created - so there's no actual star on the original stone. But with artificial stars, the star is so much on the surface that a polishing wheel can take it right out. The star on this piece is very good, not perfect but definitely noticeable.

The origin of this gem is Sri Lanka, it is pink, with a very defined star.

Here are the specs:

Size: 3.59 Ct
Measurements: 9.25 x 8.08 x 4.28mm
Shape: Oval - Roval
Origin: Sri Lanka
Color: Pink
Treatment: None
Per carat price: $600
Price of the gem: $2154

You have a two week inspection period with this gem, during which you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. I can also make you a custom order. Custom orders are not refundable, which is why I suggest that you get the gem first and look at it. Custom orders take 2-3 weeks. Probably 3 in this case because I have to make the bezel for this one. A ring would be awesome I think.

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