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Ruby Cabochon, Untreated Ruby, 10x8m Ruby, Ruby Oval, 3 Carat Ruby, John Saul Ruby, John Saul Mine Ruby, Red Ruby

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This is a 100% natural, totally untreated, ruby cabochon from the John Saul mines. I bought it from a reliable dealer in Arusha, Tanzania, in September. The gem is super glowy pink-red in the sun, very fine quality material, and one of a kind for me. It comes with a free mini-certificate from GAL (USA).

Here are the specs:

Size: 3.34 Ct
Measurements: 10.61 x 7.48 x 4.19mm
Shape: Oval
Origin: John Saul Mines, Tanzania
Color: Pink-Red or Red-Pink (more red in sunlight)
Treatment: None
Per carat price: $700
Price of the gem: $2338

You have a two week inspection period with this gem, during which you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. I can also make you a custom order. Custom orders are not refundable, which is why I suggest that you get the gem first and look at it. Custom orders take 2-3 weeks. Probably 3 in this case because I have to make the bezel for this one. A ring would be awesome I think.

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