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Rosette Ring in 14 Kt Rose Gold With Zircon and Burma Spinel

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Named Rosette by Tandi H, this ring has nice big size, lots of finger coverage and good heft. The gems I used for this first piece are a 7mm blue Zircon from Cambodia (heated), Burma spinel (super vibrant, no treatment) and some small zircons (2mm) on the outside.

This casting is made in 14 Kt Rose Gold. The tapered shank is 3.6mm wide at its widest point. The top is 15.5mm across and 6mm high in the center. It sits as low on the hand as the design allows.

The CAD work was executed by Brandy Belenky from Generation Punk Jewelry here on Etsy. Thanks Brandy.

This ring measures 15x13 across the top and the tapered band ranges from 2-1mm. So it's very comfortable to wear.

The ring is just under a size 7 3/4. Sizing is free but takes about a week.

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