Rescue Sale - 14 K White Gold Engagement Ring with 1 Carat Diamond

$ 8,000.00

This ring is an emergency sale of sorts, where I am helping out a friend of mine who needs to raise funds (yes, it is her former engagement ring). I am leaving the diamond in the shank although it is really the diamond I am selling. The gem is certified by GAL.

Weight: 1 carat
Clarity: SI1
Color Grade: I
Cutting Grade: Very good

The gem faces up very white, despite the color grade. No fluorescence.
The full insurance appraisal value is $9750. But that's full retail. So I am marking it down to 8 K and including the ring. The cert will be included.

Please help me sell this ring, all the proceeds from it will go to my friend.

Contact me for sizing, I don't know if she wants to give the ring away as is or is ok with sizing it (because you also have the right of return for 2 weeks, so I'd rather not size it and then have it sent back).

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