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Petal Earring Jackets in Rose Gold

  • 18000

These jackets were suggested to me by one of my regular customers, D. who likes to wear larger earrings. They are an adaptation of my petal designs, just under 11mm across. The jackets are made for 4mm studs so that the studs stick out just a little to be more prominent, but not so much to be "on top" of the jacket.

They have a satin finish but I can also make a custom pair that is shiny finish (satin looks much better though). Please allow up to 3 weeks for custom requests if you need another color gold (I can do 14 yellow and white, or 18 K). In Argentium Silver these will be $45. In 10 K gold, I can do them for $150.

While this is hard to notice, the jackets come in a flatter style or a deeper style (with the yellow center). The deeper style is a bit more organic looking. The difference is slight, but I want to make you aware.

The gems are not included in this purchase.

To read more about my gems, go to my blog at

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