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Paraiba Tourmaline, Paraiba Oval, Brazilian Paraiba, Oval Tourmaline, 3 Carat Paraiba, Neon Paraiba, Copper Bearing Tourmaline

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And this would be the cadillac. The biggest and most expensive Paraiba I have ever owned. It's scaring me just thinking about it. Paraiba origin, copper bearing, oval, very nice cutting, not clean but very glowy, over 3 carats, BIG. An investment piece (I will rarely say that, if ever). And just drop dead gorgeous.

This piece isn't certified but I can certify if it you like. You'd be getting a little gem card from GAL. It would take an extra few days though. If you want a prestige report with origin from AGL that is $220. I have certified 2 stones from this seller already so I am not concerned about origin checking as I say.

I don't have any ready made settings for this but I can work with you to make either a ring or a pendant.

So here are the specs:

Shape: Oval Shape
Size: 11.2 x 8x4 x 5.57mm
Weight: 3.33 cts
Origin: Paraiba mines, Brazil
Treatment: could be heated
Color: Turqoise, neon
Per carat price: $3200
Price of gem: $10656

You have a 2 week inspection period with any of my gems (you need to look at it to be sure you want it), during which I will take it back, no questions asked.

Custom orders (ring or pendant) are non-refundable, however.

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