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Paraiba Tourmaline Cabochon, Green Paraiba, Neon Paraiba, 10 Carat Paraiba, Brazilian Paraiba

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This tourmaline oval is a Paraiba - copper bearing and from the Paraiba mines in Brazil. This is the biggest piece I have ever owned (yes not on memo, NOBODY memo's out paraiba, you buy or you don't, because this material is so hot it flies out of every dealer's door).

This color paraiba is my personal favorite. It is more green than blue, indicating earlier mining days. Super neon and glowy, even in the shade (hand shot), flat and spready, no cracks, one tiny surface reaching inclusion on the top but nothing risky at all. The per carat price on this piece is LOW because of the less desirable color and because it is included. It's just expensive because it is huge.

I have one more cabochon but it is much smaller. Also green, but very clean and much more expensive per carat (4 x the price and 2 carats so it comes out similar price to this one).

So here are the specs:

Shape: Oval
Size: 15.83 x 13.34 x 5.68mm
Weight: 9.34 Cts
Origin: Paraiba mines, Brazil
Treatment: might be lightly oiled
Color: Neon turquoise
Per carat price: $500
Price of gem: $4670

Watch a video clip of it here:

You have a 2 week inspection period with any of my gems (you need to look at it to be sure you want it), during which I will take it back, no questions asked.

Certs: right now it is not certified. All my paraibas come from the same seller and the origin is guaranteed. That said, I can do a GAL for free (mini cert that says copper bearing or bigger cert that also says that). For a cert with origin I have to go to AGL because GAL doesn't have the equipment or enough comparison scans yet. The prestige with origin report at AGL is $370 and not included.

Custom orders (ring or pendant) are non-refundable, however.

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