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Pair of Pear Shaped Paraiba Tourmaline 3mm x 5mm

  • 1,08000

This tourmaline is from Paraiba Brazil (not Mozambique) and copper bearing. Very hard to get these days. The prices are correspondingly astronomical. These pieces are more blue and more high quality than some of the other ones I listed. They are a bit cleaner, more glowy, which is why I bought smaller ones only. They would make nice additions or side stones to a ring as well as earrings or parts of earrings with a larger stone underneath.


Shape: Pear Shaped
Size: 5.01 x 3.08 x 2.39mm
Weight: .36 cts
Origin: Paraiba mines, Brazil
Treatment: heated (sometimes it is heated though that is very unlikely with included material)
Color: Neon green
Per carat price: $3000/ct
Price of gem: $1080

You have a 2 week inspection period with any of my gems (you need to look at it to be sure you want it), during which I will take it back, no questions asked.

Custom orders (ring or pendant) are non-refundable, however.

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