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Neon Pink Mahenge Spinel Oval 11.3 x 7.6mm

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This piece of spinel comes from the Mahenge mines in Tanzania. It is one of the best, and the largest, of a small parcel I acquired recently (the parcel was mined in 2009 but only recently released and I got first pick!). The coloring of this gem is a nice velvety pink with secondary tones of peach, a vibrant open color. The cutting is excellent, Portuguese faceting, no window, no zoning - I would not recut this piece! The gem is almost totally clean! And it is nice and spready for its size without being flat. The proportions are really nice and you get a lot of surface area for your money.

A word about 3+ carat mahenges. These are few and far between these days, so a piece like this is pretty rare!

Size: 3.71 cts
Measurements: 11.43 x 7.78 x 5.59mm
Shape: Portuguese Cut
Origin: Mahenge Mines, Tanzania
Color: Neon Raspberry Pink
Treatment: None
Per carat price: $2200
Price of gem: $8162

Please refer to the link below to see a youtube clip of this gem


You have a two week inspection period with this gem, during which you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. I can also make you a custom order. Custom orders are not refundable, which is why I suggest that you get the gem first and look at it. I can always do something with it afterwards. Or you can hire a local jeweler.

Please let me know if you'd like a certificate with this gem. I would take it to GEMLABS on 47th Street, but it adds a few days to shipping. A full certificate is $40 and a mini certificate is $20 (the latter will give you an identification and certifies lack of treatment). I'd bill you via paypal.

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