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Neon Mahenge Spinel Oval 7x5mm (Old Neon Color)

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New lot of Mahenge, first neon color in over a year (with exception of one in a hundred pieces here and there). It showed up in my friend's office 10 minutes before me (sheer accident). All pieces over 2 carats were sold without inspection, I grabbed some nice 1-1.5 and under 1 carat pieces.

This is one of the nicest. I will be listing them out in the next few days.

Size: 1.12
Measurements: 7.22 x 5.34 x 3.84mm
Shape: Oval
Origin: Mahenge Mines, Tanzania
Color: Neon Pink
Treatment: None
Per carat price: $1250
Price of gem: $1400

You have a two week inspection period with this gem, during which you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. I can also make you a custom order. Custom orders are not refundable, which is why I suggest that you get the gem first and look at it. I can always do something with it afterwards. Or you can hire a local jeweler.

Please let me know if you'd like a certificate with this gem. I would take it to GEMLABS on 47th Street, but it adds a few days to shipping. A full certificate is $40 and a mini certificate is $20 (the latter will give you an identification and certifies lack of treatment). I'd bill you via paypal.

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