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Mint Garnet Dangly Earrings with Red Spinel in 14K White and Rose Gold

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This pair of mint garnets is from my personal collection. These gems are mint garnets from Merelani, Tanzania. The size is 7x5mm, and with the accent stones they are 16mm. The accents are berry bright little 2mm spinels from Burma. You may think its a strange color combo but I don't. I love color and these catch attention. The rose and white gold complements both stones without itself being obtrusive (that's what I like about rose gold).

The gems are top quality, super clean, great cutting.

This pair is wrapped in 14kt rose gold channel wire and attached to white gold lever backs. The labor for just the channel wire was $220, so that's one big part of the cost. This is done by lazer, and the guy who does these for me charges a pretty penny for his work. But it is so exquisite that you can study it under a loupe. The jeweler I use regularly works on items that range in the hundreds of thousands (no joke) and I am grateful he's willing to do my channel earrings in between the famous designer jewelry he gets to play with.

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