Marquis Shaped Fan Ring with 1 Carat Mahenge Spinel and Natural Peach Yellow Diamonds

$ 1,999.00

This ring is fashioned after a 1930s art deco design made for a marquis gemstone. The ring was hand engraved before casting. The center is a Mahenge spinel, just over one carat. This is one of my best gems but because of the shape, it was a hard sell. So now it is in this ring. The gem is 10x5mm, as I said, excellent quality, super strong color. The side stones ar 10 (approximately .03 carat each) natural (no heat, no irradiation) peach yellow diamonds. I loved the color, it made for an excellent accent without overwhelming the piece.

The top of the ring measures 19 x 10mm, the band is 3.5mm and tapered. The ring itself is a size 7 right now. Sizing is free and takes about a week (please choose your size from the drop down menu). The casting is in 14 K white gold. The ring itself is nice and substantial. It weighs 5 grams.

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