Large Hand Engraved Double Trillion Ring in Platinum Silver with Sapphire

$ 349.00

This ring is fashioned after a 1930s art deco design suggested by one of my customers. This design is engraved art deco style by my favorite engraver Alex ( - he engraved the original so this is a casting. There are two center stones, not one, each a 5mm trillion. The gems I picked are a pink and a purple African sapphire (the pink is most likely heated).

The top of the ring measures 20 x 11mm, the band is 2.6mm and tapered down to 1.8mm. The ring itself is a 5 1/4 right now but I can change it for an extra $10. Sizing takes about a week (please choose your size from the drop down menu). The casting is in platinum silver.

Sapphire is the birthstone of September.

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