Genuine Art Deco Diamond Ring, 14Kt White Gold with Diamonds and Sapphire

$ 999.00

From my personal stock: a 1920s (or early 30s) art deco ring. This ring has been tested for 14K gold or higher. It weighs 3.9 gram. There are 9 old miner diamonds in the ring. The center measures about 4.5mm, the side stones are 3mm and the outermost stones are 2mm. The sapphires were added by me - when I bought the ring those boxes were empty. They were cut to fit the boxes, and they are not fake like most of the 1920s colored stones. So you are looking at .8 carats total in old mine diamond weight and just under 4 grams of gold, giving the ring a minimal resale value of $920 - less vintage value since the sapphires were added by me. The diamonds look pretty clean (VS) and I'd say they are J color but I'm not the expert on this. They don't have a yellow tint, if anything, more greyish, which blends nicely with the white metal.

I'm only selling the ring because I bought another one and I don't hoard jewelry much. I really just want one art deco ring to wear when my clothing doesn't work with colored stones. So I've settled on a smaller, less valuable but cute platinum ring with an old mine marquis center for myself.

I'm not trying to make much on this ring - I bought it for a great price, and I got my fun out of it, keeping it in excellent condition.

The ring is a size 6 3/4. I can have it sized but I want to be careful about this, I can do maybe a size in either direction. The cost is $40 because this is an old ring so sizing requires TLC and I have to hire out. For sizing, please contact me first. I'm not putting anything into the listing variations this time.

Diamond is the birthstone of April.