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Five Stone Hexagon Ring in 14 K Rose Gold with Spinel, Sapphire, and Color Change Garnets

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These hexagon style designs are made exclusively for my shop in CAD by Brandy at Belenky Girl Designs, who is also on Etsy and with whom I work in close partnership. This ring holds a 7x5mm center gem (made for an emerald cut but I can work with a cushion also), the side stones are 3mm and 2mm. The beaded setting and the millgrain are done entirely by hand. This costs approximately triple in setting labor, so this ring will be a bit more pricey. The casting is in 14 K rose gold, set with a Burmese Spinel (really really amazing cutting), Tanzanian color change garnets and unheated sapphires (so none of the gems are treated). You can see the color change in the last photo. I personally prefer color change garnets over alexandrites, which tend to appear more muddy in that size. These babies are well cut and clean.

The ring band is about 1.5mm wide and the setting is 5.5mm high.

The ring is a size 8 right now. There is a resizing fee of $20 for gold and sizing takes about a week. I can't make this ring much smaller because the top runs across the entire width of the finger. For rings that can be worn on smaller hands you need to go with my three stone hexagon ring.

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