Eternity Ring in Argentium Silver with Natural Yellow Diamonds

$ 149.00

So here is my first real eternity ring design. Sort of. :) Because it goes only 3/4 of the way around. This is because a true eternity band cannot be sized - each ring has to be developed and cast separately, which is very labor intensive and hence expensive. So I'm making do with this "almost" style.

This particular band is a size 6 1/2 and fully cast in recycled argentium silver. It is ready to ship.

If you'd like it to be smaller or larger, see the available sizes. There is a resizing fee of $10 for silver and sizing takes about a week.

The gems in this ring are 1mm natural yellow diamonds, 5 in all (SI1). They are not irradiated or heated or treated in any other way. Most yellow diamonds are mined in Australia (about 90%), so while I cannot guarantee that this gem is Australian, it is very likely.

I can make custom orders with this ring. I have other gems (sapphire, tsavorite, tanzanite, spinel, and some others). I can do white diamonds, black diamonds, yellow diamonds. Please convo me for pricing or check out my blog.

P.S. This ring matches my CAD scroll design earrings. Both are made according to my design by Brandy from Belenki Girl Designs.

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