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Diamond Rough, Diamond Crystals, Blue-Teal Diamonds, Diamond Facet Grade, Untreated Diamond, Natural Diamond Rough, Diamonds for Earrings

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Always trying to come up with new stuff. This is natural and untreated diamond rough, blue-green or teal color. Very sparkly, very clean, would cut a s VS or even VVS. Cutting is not recommended though since these gems usually end up looking white after cutting because the color is on what is called the "skin". It does not penetrate deep enough into the gem to still show after cutting.

I bought these piece because I think they can be set on their own, they are valuable piece (if they were cut you'd end up with 30-40 pointer clean white diamonds).

The pieces is 1.19 carats. The per carat price is $1300.

The measurements are 4.5 x 3.5mm, depending on how you measure.

The price for the pieces is $1547. This is a real novelty item.

If you'd like to buy only one, please let me know.

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