design-your-own dangly earring with three dangles

$ 2,824.00
Bill of Materials
SKU Quantity Material Part
LEV18W 2 18K White Gold Lever Back
EHEX010218W 2 18K White Gold 3mm Hex Mid A
EHEX010214W 2 14K White Gold 3mm Hex Mid A
EPET023718W 2 18K White Gold 5_5mm_dbl_petalA_allpave_bottom
030RGAR 2 Garnet 3mm Round Faceted
030RAMY 2 Amethyst 3mm Round Faceted
055RGAR 2 Garnet 5_5mm rd faceted
015RSAW 16 Sapphire - White dbl_petal_innerA_8x1_5mm
010RAMY 16 Amethyst dbl_petal_outerA_8x1mm