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Ceylon Sapphire, Round Ceylon Sapphire, 6mm Sapphire, Color Change Sapphire, Sapphire from Sri Lanka, Color Change Ceylon Sapphire, Blue Gem

  • 1,07800

This gem is not heated, the origin is Sri Lanka. This is a great deal for the money, the gem is daytime blue and shifts to slightly more purple in incandescent light. This gem is not native cut either, it was recut after purchase into a calibrated Portuguese round, no window.

Here are the specs for this gem:

Size: 5.84 x 3.62mm
Shape: Round Portuguese Cut
Combined Weight: 0.98 ct
Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Treatment: None
Clarity: Clean
Per ct. Price: $1100
Price for the gem: $1078

You have a 2 week inspection period if you purchase my gems, during which you can return them, no questions asked. I can also have them certified with GAL for $20.

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