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Ceylon Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Color Change Sapphire, 3 Carat Sapphire, Unheated Sapphire, 10x7mm Sapphire, Sapphire for Ring

  • 7,75000

This gem is not heated, the origin is Sri Lanka (Nivitigala). This is a great deal for the money, the gem is daytime rich royal blue with notes of purple and shifts to more purple in incandescent light. This is a gorgeous stone.

This particular gem also has some nice bi-color effects when tilted and moved around.

Here are the specs for this gem:

Size: 9.79 x 6.83 x 5.88mm
Shape: Oval Step Cut
Combined Weight: 3.10 ct
Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Treatment: None
Clarity: Eye Clean, nearly loupe clean
Per ct. Price: $2500
Price for the gem: $7750

You have a 2 week inspection period if you purchase my gems, during which you can return them, no questions asked. I can also have them certified with GAL for $20. It would certify that the gem is not heated. A large certificate is $40.

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