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Cat's Eye Colombian Emerald 8x4mm

  • 99000

I just got this piece at a show this spring. Cat's eye emeralds are cut from Trapiche emerald material because those often show the silk bands needed for the chatoyance effect. So this is another total novelty (almost impossible to find anywhere). The gem is Colombian, untreated except lightly oiled, very clean (especially for a cab).

I paid an arm and a leg for this even though the dealer gave me an enormous discount. This is a very reliable source. (I actually work mainly with half a dozen suppliers, the gem world is much smaller than you think when it comes to whom to trust, and who knows their stuff).

My photos aren't as good as they should be, the cat's eye is much better than they show. The emerald shows a bit of the trapiche left on one side (the dark line). But it is mainly visisble from one angle only.

Gem: Emerald
Origin: Colombia
Shape: Oval, Cabochon
Weight: .66 ct
Size: 7.76 mm x 4.19 mm
Treatment: lightly oiled
Clarity: lightly included
Price: $1500/ct
Price for the gem: $990

You have a two week inspection period to examine this emerald during which you can return it, no questions asked. A custom order is non-refundable, however.

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