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Art Deco Pendant in 14 K Yellow Gold with Rubies and Sapphires

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This is another art deco inspired pendant, this time I went for a larger size because so many customers have asked me to make bigger pieces. Unfortunately in gold this is very expensive, both because of setting labor and weight. The design has an open center so I could add a bezel with a gem which can dangle freely or be soldered to the top or the bottom of the opening. The outer rim is hand engraved but a second row of gems would also be an option there.

The casting is in 14 K yellow gold. (My casting service is certified green.) The gems are 1.5mm Ceylon sapphires (yellow, some are heated some are not) and rubies (no heat, old mine). The center gem is a ruby also.

The inner circle and the center "line" are plated in 22 K gold over the 14 K so that the color of the sapphires was brought out a bit more.

The pendant is 1 1/4 inch, or 33mm, long.

At checkout, you may include a matching yellow gold chain with a lobster clasp.

Custom orders are welcome, but keep in mind that the labor for this style, especially setting, is expensive.

To see how I designed this pendant, go to my blog at

Or watch the video at

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