Amethyst from Uruquay set in 14 Kt Yellow Gold with Paraiba Tourmaline Hexagon Accent

$ 549.00

This Amethyst is from Uruguay which carries the best material these days. It is precision cut to an Aascher, nice deep purple. If you like a larger purple stone but your wallet won't play along, this is a good buy for you. The gem is 8mm. It was sitting in my shop for months so I decided to just make it into jewelry. I set it into a simple 14 kt yellow gold prong setting with a 2.5mm paraiba tourmaline accent (a single stone I had left over from last year). The pendant is 20cm long and has a bit more presence than some of my other pieces.

At checkout, you may also include a matching 14K yellow gold cable chain with a lobster clasp.

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