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African Ruby Pair, Cushion Cut Rubies, Ruby Matched Pair, Madagascan Ruby, Madagascar Ruby Pair, 6x4mm Rubies

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This is the story behind the rubies you see here. They came out of an old piece of jewelry that dates back a few decades, nobody knows how long exactly. But the cutting was very poor so I had them sent to India for a full recut, and they came back this beautiful matched pair, each over 1 carat weight which in ruby world is very hard to come by. The origin checks as "somewhere in Africa", most likely Madagascar, but it was hard for the lab to pin down that kind of detail. The gems have a beautiful typical pink-red color, strongly saturated, so clearly in ruby territory. My lab wasn't totally sure about heat, one gem appeared not to be heated, the other low heat only, maybe from the cutting wheel. But they were hesitant to certify this.

Here are the specs:

Size: 2.23 Ct total weight - each gem is over 1 Carat
Measurements: 6.39 x 5.13 x 3.39mm
And 6.16 x 5.09 x 3.56mm
Shape: Cushion mixed cut
Origin: Africa (Madagascar)
Color: Pinkish Red
Treatment: Possible mild heat (was hard to pin down)
Per carat price: $2200
Price of gem: $4906

The gem comes with a certificate from GAL.

You have a two week return period with any of my gems. Custom orders are not refundable.