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14K Yellow Gold 7 Stone Prong Ring with Natural Golden Yellow Diamonds and Hauyne (Hauynite)

  • 59900

Several of my customers have bands for the small stones I have in the shop, so I got this model (not my design) which I think fits my style. The ring takes a total of 7 stones (approximately 1.7mm), which can be alternated in color if you like - you could also stack this ring next to another one or a wedding band. For this model I used natural golden yellow diamonds (2mm) and hauyne (hauynite, 1.7mm) from the Eiffel in Germany (also untreated).

Without stones, this model is $180. The main cost of this particular ring is high because of the diamonds. I can also fit my 1.6mm paraibas into this model, and I can order it in other colors (i.e. white or rose gold).

Sizing: it is notoriously difficult to size eternity bands because the minute you start bending the metal, the gems fall out. So it is best to have them made in your size. I can accommodate a 1/2 size each way in the price, for other sizes, I prefer to make a new band. Please contact me for custom requests.

Right now the ring is a generous size 8.

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