14K White Gold Fishtail Pave 1/3 Eternity Ruby Ring

$ 499.00

Several of my customers have requested eternity bands for some of the melee I have in the shop, and I really don't know why I didn't do them before. Here's the first example, a simple 2mm comfort wedding band, 14 Kt white gold, set with 10 1.5mm African rubies. The ring is a size 7 and the rubies cover 1/3 of the ring. These are the same rubies I have in my gem listings.

The pave style I chose for this piece is called "fishtail". Other pave styles are also an option, i.e. cut down (looks like prongs), or millgrain pave. For millgrain, the ring needs to be 1mm wider than the gems.

Different stone sizes are also possible, the largest I recommend is 2mm.

Pricing for this style ring will be on my blog page shortly.

Sizing: it is notoriously difficult to size eternity bands because the minute you start bending the metal, the gems fall out. So it is best to have them made in your size. I can accommodate a 1/4 size each way in the price, for other sizes, I prefer to make a new band. Please contact me for custom requests.

For now, here's some basic pricing info. The ring itself is $250-300. Setting is $12-15 per stone, this includes polish etc.

Ruby is the birthstone of July.