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14K Rose Gold Marquis 1/2 Eternity Ring with Natural Pink and Yellow Diamonds

  • 99900

Several of my customers have requested eternity bands for some of the melee I have in the shop, so I got this model (not my design) which I think fits my style. The ring takes a total of 14 1mm stones, which can be alternated in each marquis if you like. For this model I used all natural diamonds, natural pink and natural yellow (no irradiation, no nothing), both from the Argyle mines in Australia. What makes this ring so expensive are the pink dimonds. With other gems I can produce it for about $350 (plus stones).

Sizing: it is notoriously difficult to size eternity bands because the minute you start bending the metal, the gems fall out. So it is best to have them made in your size. I can accommodate a 1/2 size each way in the price, for other sizes, I prefer to make a new band. Please contact me for custom requests.

Right now this ring is a size 6 1/4.

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