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You may have noticed, the blog looks a little... different?

Posted by Yvonne Raley on

Announcing Changes to the Blog

Not to worry; all of the good stuff is still here, we've just shifted it around a bit so that our previous posts are better organized and easier for you to find!  As the blog continued to grow, we noticed a lot of really good info was just getting buried. So now, we will have the most recent posts right up front for you to read, and then all of the older posts have been sorted for you, by category, into easy-to-navigate folders! 

Find all of your favorite posts (or find some new favorites) by visiting any of our new blog-by-category sections (which are also selectable by using the dropdown menu at the top of the page!)


Gem & Jewelry Industry

Gem Show Shopping


Gift Guides

Other Musings

Our Story




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