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Year End Survey

Posted by Cecile Raley on

As this year is coming to a close, I am reviewing what has worked and what has not worked for my shop.  In the past year, I added a lot of gold jewelry and listed way more gemstones.  That seemed to have been the way to go.  My main sellers in gems were sapphires and spinel, my main metal was rose gold but the new platinum silver also did great.  The hexagon line did very well, and I sold a lot of rings in general.  The flower pendants were less successful than I had thought, the Gotham stuff is still taking off so that remains to be seen.

What I'd like from you guys is some help as I plan the new year.  I am still not done with my own website.  We are stuck because Squarespace does not offer listing variations (i.e. ring sizes) - you have to create an actual SKU number for each item (so the ring appears to be available 10x instead of once).  The risk with that is that it can be sold twice before you get a chance to remove the "fake" listings.  I am now investigating Shopify and eBay as options for listings.

I did create some expensive items toward the end of this year, those have not sold.  Maybe I pushed it too much with those.  Hard to say.  I do like them, however.  

So as I plan ahead, I have created a little survey for you.  If you click on the link below, you will be able to take it.  The survey will also go out via email.

The survey is anonymous of course, feel free to send it around to anyone who also looks at my shop. Questions can be edited, but the survey can only be taken once from each computer.

Here's the link (sorry it doesn't look nicer.

In the meantime, don't forget that there is a sale going on in my shop, 15% off between now and January 7th.

Here are a couple of new items that are going up in the next few days.

Rose Gold Hexagon Pendant
Zircon and Color Change Garnet Ring

Pillow Pendant with Apatite, Mandarin Garnet and Rhodolite Garnet

Tourmaline and Diamond Ring


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