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Tucson: The List

Posted by Yvonne Raley on

I don't think I've been this excited about a trip in a very long time - not even my Christmas trip home to Germany and France.  Going to Tucson is just different.  And expensive, lol.

I am slowly assembling a list of gems I want to look for. Here is my progress. Additional suggestions are welcome - if you have a specific order, let me know, suggestions are just that, I won't hold you to buying...

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Preparing for Tucson

Posted by Cecile Raley on

Even though right now I am sitting in small hotel in France, sipping red wine and enjoying the holiday markets and wintry atmosphere during a much needed break, I am already thinking of warmer weather and of purchasing gemstones.

My Hotel Sitting Room in France
Holiday Spirit in Alsace, France
On February 1, when my home town New York will be in the thick of winter, I will be leaving for my annual...

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