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What if You Could Design it Yourself? Well, You Can!

Posted by Yvonne Raley on

Bear with me for this introductory anecdote. At my first Vegas show, in May 2015, I bumped into a Frenchmen at the "meet and greet" event, both of us trying to trade the JCK coupon for a glass of free wine at the overcrowded bar (lesson learned about "free" stuff). Anyway, Jean Jacques, that's his name, and I got talking and he told me he was at the event to find if there was interest in a "design...

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Jewelry 101 - How Stuff Gets Made

Posted by Cecile Raley on

I have blogged about this topic before but in light of the never ending string of convos I wake up to every morning, I think it might be useful to review my production process, what I do and how long it takes, step by step.

1. Design: I design all the pieces in my shop, and I work together with my CAD friend, Brandy, to turn these into 3-D models. I rarely have anything done in metalwork - the cost...

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