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Cecile Raley Designs — elongated pear shape

Tucson: The List

Posted by Cecile Raley on

I don't think I've been this excited about a trip in a very long time - not even my Christmas trip home to Germany and France.  Going to Tucson is just different.  And expensive, lol.

I am slowly assembling a list of gems I want to look for. Here is my progress. Additional suggestions are welcome - if you have a specific order, let me know, suggestions are just that, I won't hold you to buying...

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Why Don’t All Gems Come in Any Cut?

Posted by Yvonne Raley on

I got the following question from two customers just this week: can I supply a matched pair of Merelani mint garnets, elongated pear shape.  The answer – and I don’t even have to look – is “no.”  (I actually did find one pair, so I was wrong, but you’ll see the astronomical price tag on my Etsy site!)

So why doesn’t any gem come in any cut? The answer is really simple. Gems are cut to maximize the...

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