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Diamonds are a Girls....

Posted by Cecile Raley on

Since I deal mainly in untreated gemstones, I have stayed away from using colored diamonds.  Most of them are irradiated and while I make exceptions for heat treatment, irradiation is a no go - it's the reason I don't carry Morganite.

In the last few months, however, I started to increasingly play with natural yellow and pink diamonds, so I thought it might be fun to share some of my insights, and...

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Some Thoughts on the Challenge of Making Custom Quotes

Posted by Cecile Raley on

Now that I have so many gemstones for sale, I get considerably more requests for custom quotes than I did in the past.  And I face new challenges.  I have been thinking that if I share some of these, perhaps I can get some suggestions from you as I develop price lists and a custom form for my new webpage.

               Making a quote minimally involves calculations on the following three factors:


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The Seahorse Ring: A New Design Journey

Posted by Yvonne Raley on

Several months ago I took on a project that involved setting a customer’s diamond, an old miner, into a ring completely designed from scratch. My customer, Lynne F. works as a marine biologist in Florida and wanted a motif that involved sea horses. And I wanted to see if I could make this happen. Obviously, there’s nothing out there design wise I could borrow from, and these sea horses would have...

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