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Designing Halos with Melee Gems

Posted by Cecile Raley on

In the past year, my business has increasingly developed toward custom projects and quotes.  This brings with it a lot of design challenges, and in order to simplify matters a bit on my end, let me share with you some useful information about gemstone melees and how to think about designs involving them.  A melee is considered any gem that is 3mm and smaller. 

First, note that not all gems come in...

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Some Thoughts on the Challenge of Making Custom Quotes

Posted by Yvonne Raley on

Now that I have so many gemstones for sale, I get considerably more requests for custom quotes than I did in the past.  And I face new challenges.  I have been thinking that if I share some of these, perhaps I can get some suggestions from you as I develop price lists and a custom form for my new webpage.
               Making a quote minimally involves calculations on the following three factors:

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